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Finnish National Youth Council Allianssi is a national service and interest organisation within the field of youth work. It is a politically and religiously independent trustee hosting 135 national youth work and educational organisations as its members. 

Its purpose is to promote the development of youth into responsible members of the society and to encourage youth participation in decision-making as well as international activities. Allianssi serves youth organisations and youth work. 

The Finnish National Youth Council Allianssi Allianssi is the national youth council of Finland and a service and advocacy organisation in the field of youth work. We are a non-profit NGO with over 130 national member organisations.
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YOUTH2022 – National Days of Youth Work will be held in  Jyväskylä on 26–27 April 2022. The event offers a place to network, get inspired and develop one’s expertise for as many as 2,000 youth sector professionals, decision-makers and actors.

The goal of the event is to develop expertise in the sector and enable the nationwide spread of good practices. The YOUTH2022 event increases appreciation for the youth sector and makes it more visible. It also raises key issues in the sector for public discussion.