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Finnish Youth Cooperation – Allianssi is a national service and lobbying organisation for youth work.

It is a politically and religiously non-aligned lobbyist with more than a hundred national youth and educational organisations as members. 

The purpose of Allianssi is “to encourage young people to become responsible members of society and help them to participate in decision making processes and international activities. Allianssi serves youth organisations and youth work field as a whole. Allianssi accepts the principles of  the United Nations declaration on human rights and the European treaty on human rights as the basis of its operations.”

Allianssi works with young people to promote justice, equality, equal treatment, participation and tolerance in a trustworthy, progressive and innovative way. We aim at working together, including everybody, promoting dialogue, sharing information and embracing multiple values. 

Allianssi represents the Finnish youth work in Finland and in international forums. It organises training, disseminates information and arranges youth exchange programmes abroad; supports youth participation, work for immigrants and mobility.

The focus of Allianssi is on improving well-being for the young, reinforcing their participation, improving their employment and equal treatment, and safeguarding the funding of youth work.   

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Brochure  about Allianssi (PDF) 


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Allianssi: Lobbying and Services

Allianssi supports local authority and organisational youth work, devises youth participation projects and engages in youth activity developmental work, with the emphasis on youth participation and the social importance of youth work. Allianssi is also involved in the debate over youth related resource issues, arranges meetings and lobbyist seminars, and functions as an intermediary between management boards.

The primary target groups for Allianssi are decision makers, youth workers and youth organisations. Allianssi provides six different services directly for young people. Allianssi’s services relate to development of the youth field, training, and provision of information both for the youth sector and directly to young people.

Youth Research Library and Information Services 
- 15 000 books about young people, youth work and youth research, and more than 200 regularly published Finnish and foreign journals.

Publications and Communications 
- Youth Work (Nuorisotyö) magazine, a professional magazine for youth workers, published 8 times a year. 
- AllianssiExpress – up-to-date bulletins to about 2 000 e-mail addresses every other week. 
- youth policy lobbying material.
-, for information on Allianssi’s activities for young people.

Allianssi organises almost a hundred different training events a year for the youth sector. Allianssi’s  main events are the Youth Work Conference and the Allianssi Cruise.

Allianssi supports and serves youth work organisations and others working in the youth sector in global education and multicultural and minority youth work. 

Brochure  about Allianssi (PDF)  

Services for the Young People

Allianssi’s Youth Exchanges promote cross cultural learning. Several hundred young Finns use it every year to find jobs abroad as au pairs, in hotels and in the voluntary service.

Allianssi administrates the European Youth Card in Finland and is the the Finnish member of the European Youth Card Association (EYCA). There are already more than  100 000 card holders in Finland who can gain its benefits in more than 600 places. is the website for youth participation and community information.

International Allianssi

Brochure  about Allianssi in English (PDF) 

Allianssi functions as the national youth council of Finland (an umbrella organisation for Finnish youth organisations), and it represents Finnish young people, youth organisations and youth activities abroad. 

In its international activities, Allianssi is the Finnish member of a number of European platforms for youth work (European Youth Forum YFJ, European Youth Information and Counselling Agency ERYICA, European Youth Card Association EYCA). Allianssi is also involved in youth work cooperation with Finland’s neighbouring regions.

Allianssi also cooperates with the Nordic Council, the Council of Europe, the European Union and the United Nations. It also prepares the groundwork for Finnish youth work through youth exchanges, study visits, language courses and international forums.

Allianssi is involved in national decision making, planning and development for the EU’s Youth in Action programme.

Allianssi is chairing the National Working Group of Structured Dialogue, appointed by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the aim of which is to monitor and promote new EU youth strategies.

Allianssi is involved in selecting Finland’s UN Youth Delegate every year. The youth delegate represents Finnish young people as part of Finland’s UN general assembly delegation.

Allianssi Organisation

- Allianssi is a politically and religiously non-aligned non-governmental organisation whose membership is open to all democratic national organisations dealing with youth issues
- 14 board members from member organisations
- 2 committees (domestic and international)
- about 30 employees
- annual budget 3 million euros (2009), 70 % of which comes from the Ministry of Education and Culture (Veikkaus National Lottery Company funds).

International Committee

The Board of Allianssi sets up each year two committees to organise both national youth policy and youth work and international youth policy. International Committee is responsible of Allianssi’s international affairs and international youth policy together with the secretariat. International Committee members represent Allianssi’s member organisations. Under International Committee there are three working groups: neighbouring areas working group, European affairs working group and global affairs working group. Working groups are chaired by International Committee vice-presidents. International Committee is an advisory body on international affairs under the Board, and it proposes initiatives and actions to the Board and represents Allianssi in international events.

Brochure  about Allianssi (PDF)